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The Lugana Trebbiano grape, from which we get this great wine, over the centuries has been closely linked to the territory through a selection of strains best suited to the microclimate and soils particularly lakeside clay present in the countryside of Lugana. 
The extension of the latter is limited to only 800 ha including the towns of Sirmione and partially to those of Desenzano and Peschiera del Garda. 
It 's a wine of great expressiveness and high typicality, our Lugana fact stands out for its "Salin" provided by the high salt content for the vast mineral and organic parts of clay. 
Hits for the warm golden color and various shades of green. 
Unsurpassed and pleasant with lake fish and seafood, and just as exciting with soups and egg dishes. 
The ideal serving temperature is recommended between 8 ° and 10 °. 

GRAPES: Trebbiano di Lugana varietal also called Torbiana 
FORMS OF GROWTH: mainly simple Guyot 
VINEYARDS: 10-20 years 
HARVEST: mainly mechanical 

VINIFICATION: maceration of the grapes is used, a technique that involves bringing the grapes in reducing temperature around 8 ° -10 °, in order to enhance the extraction of particular aromas and flavors of Lugana. 

PACKAGE: Bordeaux bottles of 0.75 L 
PLUG: cork block 
PACKAGING: 6 bottles from the vertical

This product is sold in cartons of 6 bottles. The minimum order is one carton.
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